Advantages of the “Arena Dragon” and the “Arena Dragon Jr.”

  • No moving parts to break down, grease or wear out.
  • No wheels to go flat or replace.
  • No complicated hydraulics or levers to contend with which makes the ”Arena Dragon” one of the easiest drags to use.
  • Fine depth adjustments are easily made by using the top point of the tractor; bring it in to work it deeper or extend it out for a shallower working depth.
  • Coarser adjustments can be made by lowering the front teeth and the S-tine bar.
  • Footing can be worked from 1″ to 6″ depth.
  • Standard rail edger on both the “Arena Dragon” and Jr. models which pulls the footing away from the rail.
  • Standard leveling blade moves deep footing to keep the footing level at all times.
  • The drags ride on skids to keep the working depth even throughout.
  • Pulls moisture up from below the surface to help with dust control.
  • The “Arena Dragon” and “Arena Dragon Jr.” are the lowest priced drags in their class.
  • The “Arena Dragon” easily hooks up to category 2 quick connect.