Arena Dragon Jr.


The Arena Dragon Jr. combines many of the same features of the full size Arena Dragon models
into a smaller unit designed for the smaller tractors (category 0 or 1), ATVs, or even your truck.

  • Comes in 4.5′ and 6′ models to meet your needs.
  • Ease of use with no complicated levers or hydraulics.
  • Working depth is controlled by the top point of the tractor or the “Arena Dragon Jr’s” own linkage.
  • Working depth from 1-5 inches.
  • Standard features include the front scarifier shanks with cast teeth to break up the hardest footing.
  • No moving parts to wear out or grease.
  • Creates a natural rolling effect to help break up footing just like our full size models.
  • No wheels to go flat. Rides on the hardened cast skid plates.
  • Edger comes standard to bring in the footing from around the edge.
  • Optional finishing bar available.

The “Arena Dragon Jr.” switches easily from a three point tractor connection to a pull behind for ATV or other equipment with its exclusive 4-way connection by only switching out one pin; no extra attachments needed.
No other equipment offers this feature.

“I have seen and used a lot of arena drags and the Arena Dragon is the best one on the market; it has made a huge difference in our own arena.”

Brad Mattox
PRCA Judge

The “Arena Dragon Jr.” heavy duty construction includes a rugged frame with solid welds and hardened bolts throughout.