Arena Dragon

The “Arena Dragon” was designed by people with over 25 years of experience in the horse and arena industry and has over 5 years of testing behind it. The “Arena Dragon” is a true three-stage arena conditioner with the front scarifier teeth and shanks designed to break up the hardest footing followed by the second row of S-tines to break up and clear out footing. Then the angled leveling blade and rake move deep footing while it helps break up clods with its unique rolling effect all without the use of moving parts that tend to break down and require high maintenance.

Don’t be fooled by competitor’s claims; spikes or rotary harrows cannot dig up packed footing, they just skip over the top once the footing gets hard. You must have properly angled teeth to break up the footing properly.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3


The “Arena Dragon” has been used at:

  • Paint World Congress
  • AQHA shows
  • Abilene Rodeo Fairgrounds
  • Home of the Kansas State University Equestrian team
  • Many more show and event facilities from California to New York


“I make a living treating horses so I want my own horses to have the best possible footing; that’s why I use the Arena Dragon.”

Dr. Jeff VanPetten DVM