6′ Model
8′ Model
10′ Model
Arena Dragon Recommended
Price Optional
Finishing Bar
6 foot model 30+ $2,750 $100
8 foot model 40+ $2,995 $120
10 foot model 50+ $3,495 $150


4.5′ Model
6′ Model


Arena Dragon, Jr. Recommended
Price Optional
Finishing Bar
4.5 foot model 500cc or 20hp $1,495 $90
6 foot model 600cc or 25hp $1,695 $100


  • Replacement front scarifier teeth with set screw: $7.50 each
  • Price does not include shipping
  • All orders come by freight.
  • Freight charges do not include lift gate services.Shipping charges will include a $50.00 pallet and strapping fee
  • We accept Visa and Master Card if called in or checks or money orders if mailed in.
  • Allow 7-10 days for in – stock items once payment is received
  • The Arena Dragon comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its performance and a one year limited warranty against workmanship. Money back guarantee and warranties do not include freight charges.

How we keep our prices lower than the competition

  • We eliminated moving parts which makes the cost to manufacture much less and also keeps maintenance costs down.
  • We don’t pay celebrities thousands of dollars to say they use our product.
  • We focus on one thing and one thing only, our Arena Dragons, so we can give you the best product at the best price.
  • We have lower overhead; we don’t use pushy sales people who are paid on commission.
  • We don’t artificially inflate our prices to cover shipping anywhere and then offer to include free shipping, we tell you exactly what it will cost to ship to you so you pay only the necessary costs.

Visa & Master Card Accepted

Visa & Master Card Accepted