How to determine the correct size of equipment you need.

  1. Determine the horse power or cc rating of your tractor/equipment. This can be determined by checking your equipments operation manual or calling your local dealer; the horsepower rating should fall within the range that is specified for each size of Arena Dragon. 4 wheel drive does improve the performance of the equipment in regards to pulling implements. Example: if your tractor has 42 horsepower than you would be able to pull up to a 8’ model. If your tractor has 30 horsepower, than you could pull up to a 6’ model.
  2. Determine the tire width of your tractor/equipment. The drags should be at least as wide as the rear tires of your tractor to cover up the tire tread. Ideally it should be wider than your tractor by at least 6 inches so you can get closer to the edge of the rail. Example: if you have a tractor that is 6’ wide at the rear tires then you would need at least a 6’ model to cover up the tire tracts, but an 8’ model would give you 12” of overhang on each side to get closer to the rail as long as you have enough horsepower rating on the tractor.
  3. Do you need a pull behind unit for an ATV? Our Arena Dragon Jr. models are designed for the smaller tractors; category 0 or 1, or as a pull behind unit for ATVs without any additional attachments needed.
  4. Determine how big your arena is. If you have a large arena (example: 150’x250’) then you might want to get a larger model such as the 10’ model so it won’t take as long to work it. If you have a smaller arena or you use a round pen a lot, then the 6’ model might be best.
  5. Determine how big your gates are. If you have 10’ gates, then you would be limited up to an 8’ model to allow some clearance; or if you need to back into areas such as roping boxes; check the width of them also, the Arena Dragon is great for this unlike other equipment.